Britney Spears participated in the photo session with a red cabriolet

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These days, Britney Spears worked with famous photographer, Ellen von Unwerth, and she had to risk her life standing on the front seat of the red cabriolet.

Britney has posted one of the photos from her photo session on her Instagram page. In the pic she is standing on the driver’s seat of the car wearing a bright pink tight skirt and a sexy bra. She has black sports gloves on her hands and a pair of black sandals on her feet.

The celebrity has commented that she was going 100 miles per hour. Her hair is flying up! She is on fire!

Britney’s fans have appreciated the photo and left a lot of nice comments. They called the star a legend, an eternal icon, a wonder woman and just a queen. They miss her, which is why they asked her to come back to the pop industry.

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